Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Lunch

For this Sunday's lunch I wanted something that would be warm, hearty, and tasty partly because it's a cold day a also because i was sulking in my wounds caused by the Saints' loss to the 49ers the previous day. And so i decided to fix myself a hamburger and french fries. I wanted the burger to resemble that of Lee's famous burgers, a locally owned burger joint that's been around for several decades. What's unique about Lee's burgers is that they mixed diced onions in with the ground meat when forming the patty and then fry it up with onions embedded in the burger. Being from New Orleans, I love onions. I made mine what is the equivalent of the "works" at Lee's with lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, mayonaise, mustard, ketchup, and shredded cheddar cheese, minus the tomatoe only because I didn't have any at my disposal. I rounded out my meal with a side of steak fries from Brother's Food Mart who surprisingly, in my opinion, make some of the best french fries around. I had large glass of lemonade to wash down this delicious meal. The lemonade, I made from the lemons produced by the lemon tree in my front yard, which are better than any lemons you're gonna find at a grocery store I might add. They're not too bitter and they're huge, some people even mistake them for oranges.

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  1. Great first post. You've connected a food to a place. Some things to think about - you could use this as a way to tell a story about Lee's (and hot link to a website if they have one). How long has the place been around? Tell us a story about the first time you went there or what is the most important thing about it. Then there is the lemonade. Great stuff. What kind of lemons are they? I'll bet they are Meyer lemons, which are as you describe. This is a great opportunity to dig into the story of the lemon, the tree, who planted it, etc.